Rita D. Michael, JD, CLPF, NCG

Rita D. Michael, JD, CLPF, NCG
California Licensed Professional Fiduciary
Phone: 310/372-7380
Email: ritadmichael@verizon.net
Website: http://www.ritadmichael@verizon.net
1219 Morningside Drive
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Provide private professional fiduciary services in estate and personal management. Trust administration for various types of trusts as Trustee and Successor Trustee, Probate Estate Administrator, Conservator, Power of Attorney for Finances, and Medical Directives. Evaluate retirement and investment portfolios, and medical insurance policies. Invest estate assets and manage real property, personal income and expenses, and bank accounts. Account and report to appropriate parties. Manage the care and health requirements of incapacitated persons. Bondable and insured. Licensed by the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau of the State of California.

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