Masumi Patel
Law Office of Masumi Patel

318 Avenue I #392
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Professional Services and Experience:

With over fifteen years of legal experience under her belt, Masumi J. Patel is an advocate and advisor that clients can rely on and respect

A California native, Ms. Patel ventured to the east coast and successfully completed her law degree at Brooklyn Law School, before returning to her home state to begin practicing in 2004.  She spent her first decade of practice working with illustrious law firms such as Murtaugh Meyer Nelson & Treglia LLP, Haight Brown & Bonesteel LLP, and Barrett, Daffin, Frappier, Treder & Weiss LLP.  For several years, Ms. Patel practiced civil litigation, representing a clientele ranging from multi-national corporations to every-day people.  She also worked for a number of years as in-house counsel for a real estate development company.

In more recent years, Ms. Patel has been focused on helping her clients avoid court proceedings entirely by ensuring not only that their estate planning documents are properly drafted and legally effective, but also that their assets are protected.  Ms. Patel has built an extensive professional network – including financial planners, CPAs, real estate agents, etc. – to ensure that her clients receive holistic care when it comes to mattes of their estates, including financial, health care and legacy concerns.  As a founding member of the Law Office of Masumi Patel, Ms. Patel brings her expertise, steady work ethic and true desire for the best interests of each and every one of her clients to every endeavor.