Professionals who:

  1. Devote 50% or more of their time to estate planning and
  2. Have done so for at least three years.
  3. Have attended at least three monthly meetings in a given year (maximum of six as guest).
  4. Have a relevant professional credential or designation (preferably).
  5. Have at least two members in good standing to sponsor the application.

Sponsors are asked to:

  1. Know the candidate well enough to attest to his or her professional integrity.
  2. Write a statement on the application regarding how you believe the candidate’s membership will advance the mission of SBEPC.

No. The main purpose of the organization is education and professional competency.

Fellow members get to know each other through activities centered in these objectives, primarily the monthly breakfast meetings and the monthly discussion group sessions. The highlight of the monthly breakfast meetings is a formal presentation by a qualified speaker at 8:00am. Prior to that, members and guests are invited to socialize freely at 7:00am and over breakfast at 7:30am.

The discussion groups are designed to be more informal so that all attendees can participate at their own comfort level. Typically a member (sometimes an outside presenter) will give a brief presentation from his or her expertise along with a case study to prompt discussion among the variety of disciplines represented around the table.

No. It is the hope of every member that the membership in general is composed of high quality professionals with whom a business relationship would be welcomed and compatible with their own practices. Individual relationships take their own course.

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